Rites + Ceremonies

Companionship is a crucial element in successfully transitioning any time a woman becomes a Mother. The following ceremonies are wonderful ways to strengthen the bond between a Mother and the women closest to her, and helps inspire them to lovingly support each other through the profound transition that surrounds pregnancy and childbirth.

All ceremonies are meaningfully crafted for each individual Mother-to-be. Like every woman and baby, every ceremony is unique in its’ own simple, lovely way.

Mother’s Blessingway

Drawing from many beautiful rites and practices from traditional cultures all over the world, a Mother’s Blessingway is a pre-birth send-off gathering for the Mother-to-be and a small circle of the women closest and most dear to her. The ceremony is a demonstration of the well of love and support a new Mother can draw from during her Pregnancy, Labor, Birth and Postpartum time and an acknowledgement of the profundity and significance of her transition. The Blessingway creates space for the Mother’s circle to bond and inspire each other to support the Mother-to-be through the sacred experience of Motherhood.

 Elements of the ceremony commonly include:

  • A beautifully decorated gathering space with fresh flowers, candles, and aromatherapy
  • Attendants gather around the Mother-to-be – holding space for her to express and release any negative expectations or fears she may be carrying
  • We honor Mother through positive, encouraging stories, bestowing words of blessing and well-wishes on her for her journey, and giving her small gifts and tokens to help remind her that she carries the love and support of her female circle with her at all times
  • At closing, a plan is created to sustain the bond with one another beyond the day of the ceremony
  • Each ceremony ends with a special feast

Mother’s Closing Ceremony

The Mother’s Closing Ceremony is the sister ceremony to the Blessingway and celebrates the end of the childbearing year. Around the new Mother’s third month postpartum, the women from her Blessingway circle gather once again to welcome her back into the social space from the protected sanctuary of her home. The Mother’s Closing Ceremony is a reminder of the ongoing love and companionship the new Mother has from her sister circle, and is a beautiful celebration of the precious new soul Mother has worked so hard to create. It is a time for her year-long transition to be acknowledged, honored, and celebrated, and provides a safe space for Mother to express or process any difficult birth experiences. The ceremony acknowledges that Mother's physical body has now come back together again after opening to allow both a new soul and a new Mother-part of oneself to emerge. It is the perfect time for the Postpartum Doula to say goodbye and send Mother into the arms of her loved ones.

 Baby may be present at the Mother’s Closing Ceremony.

 Elements of the ceremony commonly include:

  • A warm, cozy gathering space with candle light and aromatherapy
  • Attendants hold safe space for Mother to express any fears, anxieties, or negative feelings she may be carrying and then release them
  • We may wrap Mother’s belly, give her meaningful gifts, hold her hands or tell her positive, loving stories
  • The circle may share special messages with her, sometimes through poetry, song, or just spontaneous words from the heart
  • We once again create a symbolic bond to connect the women of the circle
  • The Closing Ceremony ends with a special feast

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