Restorative Food

Food is medicine during your Blue Night.

A Mother’s diet is a very important part of her Postpartum recovery and crucial for successful breastfeeding. Nutrient dense, warming food and drink can help expel excess water retained in the body during pregnancy and from the hospital IVs, aids in hormonal balance, uterine contraction, and lactation. Not to mention, proper nourishment can be an immense source of comfort. Mother should stay well hydrated and will need to eat more frequently to replenish nutrients, iron, and minerals lost during the birth and from milk production.

I offer complete food kits as an add-on option to Mother Care packages. Recipes are tailored to your family’s tastes and inspired by your favorite comfort foods – this is not the time to try a new diet or put restrictions on what Mother and family can enjoy. All restorative food is sourced locally when possible, organic, seasonal, delicious, and beautiful on the plate. Think wonderful aromas, a rainbow of colors, and edible flowers on top! Even the smallest snack during a Blue Night should be a total pleasure!

Edible Support Offerings:

  • Recipe Crafting – taking into account the dishes and foods that you love the most, I curate collections of special, healthy recipes to be prepared for your Blue Night 
  • Daily and Weekly Menus – these include schedules for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, snacks, teas and infused spring waters
  • Meal Train Organization – for when friends and family will be preparing and delivering your meals 
  • Freezer + Pantry Stocking – over one or two days, I will shop, prepare, and store meals and snacks in your freezer and pantry ahead of time to be enjoyed during your Blue Night 
  • Fresh Meals – once or twice a week during your Blue Night, I will prepare fresh meals and snacks for you to have available throughout the week, including shopping for ingredients at the farmer’s market and grocery

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