Pregnancy + Labor Coaching

Pregnancy and Labor Coaching is available only to my Mother Care clients who wish to have the same doula through their pregnancy, birth and into their postpartum time. Pregnancy and Labor Coaching begins no later than 26 weeks gestation and includes 4 pre-natal sessions, my constant physical and emotional support during active labor. I will also be on-call for around-the-clock support via call, text and email from 38 weeks until active labor commences. Following the birth, Postpartum Mother Care begins immediately. Having a birth doula can help reduce the possibility of cesarean section, the need for pain medication and epidurals, can minimize the length of labor, help calm anxiety and the likelihood of perinatal mood disorders such as postpartum depression or anxiety, and can help with confidence and self-esteem during labor and beyond. 

Please note that I am NOT available to attend a birth only, without a commitment to the Postpartum Mother Care program.

Pregnancy + Labor Coaching Services include:

1st Session (Around 26-27 weeks)

A three-hour foundational session for mother, partner and doula in which we explore and define your personal style, wishes and views on how your ideal birth situation would play out. After listening deeply, I will provide guidance on how we can best support those wishes through referrals to care providers with a known practice of supporting clients and patients with similar wishes. We will also map out a plan for physical and emotional preparation over the course of mother’s pregnancy, all tailored to support mother and partner’s unique vision for their birth experience. 

2nd Session (Around 29-30 weeks)

A three-hour private childbirth education session for mother and partner, including a curated birth plan and intention-setting exercises.

3rd Session (Around 32-33 weeks)

A three-hour private breastfeeding guidance session. We’ll cover all the ins and outs of how mamas can lay the best foundation for a successful breastfeeding relationship with the newborn, and how partner and other family members can best support a breastfeeding mama. I also provide latching and breastfeeding support directly following the birth of the baby, and can provide additional consulting during Mother Care sessions. During this 3rd session, we will also cover optimal conditions for postpartum recovery and the unique transitional needs of healing mothers. 

4th Session

In our final session together, I will accompany you to an OB/GYN or midwife appointment. This gives your birth team a chance to meet in person before labor commences and come together around our shared goal of supporting you to have the best birth experience possible. 

Labor and Delivery Support

At the onset of either active labor or the arrival at hospital for surgical birth, I will stay by your side to support the laboring woman throughout the entire birth process, creating a safe and peaceful space with my own calm energy. I also may use candles, aromatherapy and music or sound bowls, depending on Mother's preferences, to further enhance the tranquility of the birthing space. I often use massage or the rebozo, visualizations, meditation, breath work, energy work, sounding and movement to help with pain management and comfort. I also advocate for the birthing woman and her partner to help facilitate clear communication between Mother and her caregiving team so that her pre-determined wishes are consistently considered throughout the dynamic process of labor and delivery. Once baby has made her entrance, I continue to provide guidance in initiating the breastfeeding relationship and bonding, and provide nurturing for Mother by ensuring that she is fed and able to rest comfortably. 

I am not a medical professional. I don't perform medical exams or tasks, cannot offer medical advice or diagnoses, do not administer medication, and I do not deliver babies. It is also not my practice to project my personal views onto any Mother. My goal, rather, is to hold space and advocate for Mother's unique wishes during the dynamic and sometimes chaotic birth process, and to constantly validate Mother's choices should they deviate from the original birth plan during the onset of active labor. This is absolutely your birth. Just as no two babies are ever the same, no two labors could ever be the same, and so during labor, my work is to help consciously welcome whatever may come up in the moment. 


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