Postpartum Mother + Family Care

Postpartum Care looks different for every family. During the final stages of your pregnancy, we will meet to discuss your unique needs and goals and will cover the many factors that affect recovery and adjustment in the weeks following birth, whether you are a first time or multiple pregnancy Mother, expecting a single baby or multiples. From what I learn in these meetings, I will then curate a rough plan designed to best serve your family. Once your newborn(s) have arrived, we use the original plan as a loose blueprint, adapting to meet arising needs and goals as they come day-to-day.

Care takes place in your home - during the day in half or full-day visits or overnight, depending on your needs.

 Mother self-Care and Healing:

  • Herbal Sitz Baths
  • Warm + Cold Herbal Compresses (For Soothing Breasts, Perineum Healing, and Water Retention)
  • Belly Wrapping
  • Light Massage
  • Self + Partner Light Massage Instruction
  • Baby Care while Mother Naps, Bathes, or Eats
  • Restorative Yoga for Healing and Gentle Strengthening
  • Guidance in Optimizing Restorative Sleep

 Emotional Support:

  • Active, Non-Judgmental Listening
  • Processing and Documenting Birth Stories + Trauma
  • Constant Companionship
  • Stories and Anecdotes from the Experiences of the Many Women I have Supported
  • Peri-Natal Mood Disorder Education: Identifying Risk Factors and Symptoms
  • Providing Self-Assessment Tools for Mood Disorders
  • Appropriate and Timely Referrals to Mental Health Professionals (if needed)

Lactation Support:

  • Comfortable and Effective Latching Guidance
  • Positioning
  • Hand Expression
  • Identifying Successful Milk Transfer and Education on How to Know Baby is Getting Enough
  • Mastering the Breastfeeding Lifestyle
  • Appropriate Referrals to Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) and/or Pediatricians with Strong Reputations in Supporting Successful Breastfeeding, Local Peer Breastfeeding Support Groups, and Online Resources

Baby Care Guidance:

  • Education on Normal Newborn Behavior, Senses, Appearance and Sleep-Activity States
  • Feeding: Breast, Bottle, or a Combination
  • Soothing
  • Swaddling
  • Safe Sleeping
  • Bathing
  • Diapering (Cloth, Disposable, or a Combination)
  • Bonding + Kangaroo Care
  • Infant Massage Instruction
  • Crafting Unique Bedtime Traditions
  • Baby-wearing
  • Navigating Life, Errands, Outings + Travel with Baby

Family Support:

  • Tending to Mother (Allowing Partner to have a meal, a nap, a shower, personal time, or to give special attention to older children)
  • Answering Partner’s Questions
  • Emotional Support for Partner and Siblings
  • Facilitating Effective Communication + Cooperation
  • Creating Plans for Sharing Care of Mother, Newborn + Siblings
  • Guidance in Partner Bonding with Baby + Dad's Unique Role
  • Navigating Emotional Hurdles with Siblings + Providing Ways to include Siblings in the Blue Night
  • Advising Family Members on How to Support the Healing Mother
  • Giving Special Attention to Pets and Suggesting Ways to include Pets

Informational Support:

  • Evidence-based Information on Specific Topics
  • General Evidence-based Resources (Websites, Books for Reference, Educational/Instructional Videos)
  • Referrals to Medical Professionals + Community Resources + Postpartum Services

Light Household Organization:

  • Changing Linens + Making Mother’s Bed
  • Managing Clutter
  • Retrieving + Sorting Mail
  • Tidying Kitchen / Loading + Unloading Dishwasher
  • Light Laundry: Washing / Drying / Folding / Putting Away
  • Wiping Surfaces + Sweeping Kitchen Floor after Food Preparation
  • Taking Out Trash
  • Watering Houseplants + Tending to Fresh Flowers
  • Pet Care: Feeding / Letting Out / Short Walks

...And more!

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