Kind Words


“Morgan had a great ear for a first-time, single father … intelligent and sympathetic with whom to bounce ideas around, having well-thought out opinions, ultimately honoring my decisions. Always pleasant, seeing situations in a positive light, I could never imagine a negative word emanating from her. Yet with all of these attributes, the quality I am most thankful for is Morgan’s capacity to love my son. I firmly believe that it is largely due to her that he is a happy, calm and loving baby. Watching them together, I saw how he reacted to her, and am blessed that this extraordinary woman helped guide and teach us during the first months of his life. She will be missed by both of us.”



"We were looking for a Postpartum Doula to help us with nighttime care for a few weeks after delivery. This was our second baby and since she was delivered by c-section, we knew our recovery period would be challenging in caring for her, our 2-year old son, and my own recovery needs. Morgan was a wonderful presence in our home. Her calm spirit, loving personality, and sense of humor made her such a welcome addition to our family. We looked forward to her arrival every night and felt extremely comfortable with her. She was more than willing to accommodate our requests for how we cared for our baby - no matter how silly they were! She took great care of me as I was recovering from a c-section and she made us feel calm and reassured both with our baby's development as well as our overall family's health and progress. Morgan was a natural fit in our family. Her personality was so warm and loving; it was so easy to talk to her about any and all of our worries. And I sincerely appreciated what a great listener she was. She offered up suggestions and guidance if we had questions, but she didn't push anything on us. We particularly loved how giving she was - she tackled any request without hesitation and made us feel safe and cared for. My husband was able to catch up on sleep, I was able to rest easier, and our baby girl slept even better with Morgan around (and our 2-year old slept through it all!). We all relaxed knowing we were in her capable hands. We are very careful people and were a bit nervous about trusting our 5-day old baby to someone new, but Morgan made the transition easy and comfortable. She made our first few weeks as a new family so much easier and more relaxed than we could ever have imagined."

- amber, glendale, CALIFORNIA


"I had twins, and I knew I would need experienced help, particularly as a first time mom without a lot of hands-on baby experience. Having been warned by friends and a few books, I knew that night help and non-family help would be the most beneficial. I had a scheduled c-section, and I knew I was going to need support as well, not just help with my babies. I felt very comfortable with Morgan and the ability to relax and trust made a huge difference in my own recovery as well as adjusting to caring for my newborns. Despite lots of family and friends coming to visit, I really felt most at ease when she was the only extra set of hands. Lots of help is lovely, but the right help is essential. Time seemed to slow down when she was with us. It is easy to be overwhelmed in the postpartum time, but her presence refocused me on the essential simplicity of it - nourishing myself and my babies. I really valued Morgan's hands-on experience and knowledge. She could answer any question I had and provide current information and resources that saved me hours searching for recommendations and referrals. I could relax and know that the dishwasher would be run, the laundry would be done, and the babies would sleep and eat well while I got much needed rest. She was a great confidante for me as well, I could easily talk to her about issues that are not always easy to discuss with a spouse in the postpartum period. I cannot imagine getting through the first few months without her!"

- courtney, south pasadena, CALIFORNIA


“I was still recovering from my C-section and with my husband going back to work and no help available from friends or family for a few days, we reached out to Morgan. She taught me so many things I needed help with (bathing, nail trimming, breastfeeding positions, etc) and answered so many of my questions about breastfeeding (how’s the latch? what foods should I be eating? etc.) It’s great to be able to bounce questions off of someone with a lot of experience and just have someone to talk to and learn from about the mystery of babies. Just knowing your baby is normal is a huge relief! It helped that Morgan was also a foodie – we had some great food adventures during our three days together which helped me out of my postpartum funk. Morgan is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but also a riot and great company. Our time together was fantastic and her assistance really helped build my confidence as a new mom.”

- Nami, Los Angeles, California


"Morgan is the absolute best! She is knowledgeable, fun, respectful, kind, and above all, always calm. She introduced me to baby feeding cues, which made the job of feeding her 100% understandable and less stressful. Her ability to calm the toughest of nerves was also invaluable. Our decision to hire a Postpartum Doula was worth it's weight in gold, I never want Morgan to leave! It's the best money you will spend, it's a sanity saver."


“We didn’t have family close by and were having our first baby, so we needed support for a smooth transition into parenthood. Morgan took care of our immediate needs, which were different each day – she was there to help with laundry, food preparation, picking up items from the store, etc. She was a guide for us first time parents with baby care and answered any questions we had, also serving as a counselor, lending a listening ear to any doubts, worries or frustrations, and keeping a watchful eye for any symptoms of postnatal blues. She has a lot of good information and online resources to share about breastfeeding, baby-wearing, etc. Morgan was great with the baby and could get him to sleep, allowing time for us to rest. She also made a good placenta smoothie! We had a wonderful experience. This was definitely a crucial factor in helping me recover well after birth.”

- Amanda, Burbank, California

“My husband and I were sorry to leave the safety of the hospital with the knowledgeable nurses outside the door, so it was comforting to know that Morgan would be with us for that first night home with Lucy. Our first few weeks were immensely stressful as I experienced a low milk supply. Not only did Morgan provide level-headed support and advice, but having her company during middle-of-the-night pumping and feeding sessions was so comforting. Even if things are going well, any new mother can benefit from having extra help from someone with Morgan's training. She exudes passion for her work, truly loves babies and mamas, and seems always to be striving to gain more knowledge and connections in the LA birth community. We recommend her highly!"

emmeline, los angeles, CALIFORNIA