About Blue Night Mother

I offer in-home, uniquely-curated recovery & adjustment support for Mothers & their Families in the weeks immediately following the birth of a child.

For nearly a decade, I have been studying and learning from women all over the world. Through my work and travels, it has become clear to me that our modern Western cultural practices (or lack of) in maternal care and support during the weeks following birth are vastly inadequate. Lack of effective support during the Postpartum time has led many women to feel unnecessarily overwhelmed or hopeless, sometimes later suffering from mood disorders and experiencing severe challenges in breastfeeding. Blue Night Mother exists to complete the cycle of maternal care and bridge a gap in necessary support that has increasingly widened along our path to modernization.

I often use both the image of an Oyster and the atmospheric phenomenon of a "Blue Night" to help new parents visualize a Mother's state immediately following birth and the ideal environment for her during the weeks of healing and transition. Like an Oyster that has opened to allow for the extraction of her precious Pearl, a new mother remains in an open, emotionally vulnerable and sensitive state after birth, gradually closing over time. The Blue Nights are a stretch of time during warm summer months when days are long and the twilights lengthen, bathing the evenings in electric blue light. These are times that call for cozy quietness, bringing a sense of fleeting nostalgia, commanding us to make the most of a very special time that will never occur again. 

As your Postpartum Doula, I am the keeper of your Blue Night. My role is to gently and quietly tend to mother’s needs, to lovingly support and respect her through her healing and emotional transition, to honor and encourage her sense of creative feminine strength, to offer guidance and encouragement as she learns her newborn, and to validate her feelings. When my work is complete, the families I serve feel empowered and ready to move forward into the first year of life with the newborn, and the cycle of the childbearing year is only then complete.

When a woman is allowed a protected period of time following the birth of her child and only expected to heal, rest, bond and feed her new baby, when her needs are met by others and she feels listened to, loved, and supported, it is then that we see a mother emerge empowered by her own feminine strength – healthy, happy, and ready to resume life as Mother.

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