The Oyster and Her Blue Night

The Oyster is the Spirit Animal of every new Mother. Cool and calm, she burrows beneath blue waves, working hard to create her Pearl. The Oyster, symbolic for the female womb – home of the creative feminine force – is responsible for the production of all human kind, a beautiful gift that no one else can give.

Rapidly during labor, the Oyster’s shell opens to present her treasure to the world, but upon extraction she finds that she remains open, her very heart and soul now vulnerable and exposed to the elements of our modern world. And like the Oyster, a new Mother finds herself in a watery, sensitive state, having depleted energy and resources in protection of her little Pearl.

After birth, Mother, now open – sensitive – vulnerable, begins a six-week or longer closing journey. I like to call this time “The Last Frontier.” It is the final segment in the cycle of childbirth and leads her back to her pre-pregnant state of fertility...